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Criminal law

Facing criminal charges is a serious and often times frightening experience, no matter what type of charges you are dealing with. We understand that and with Kramer & Hand LLC Attorneys at Law help, you'll have an experienced trial attorney at your side at all times to help you understand the proceedings against you and your options in handling the case.


You'll be walked through each step of the criminal justice system, including representation at your arraignment, preliminary hearing, motion hearings and trial.


Kramer & Hand LLC Attorneys at Law offers vigorous representation for all types of criminal charges, including infractions, municipal charges and serious felonies.


FREE initial consultations are also available for criminal cases. During the consultation we'll outline your case, answer any of your questions and discuss possible outcomes and the range of punishment. At Kramer & Hand LLC Attorneys at Law, we know choosing an attorney for your criminal trial is a big decision, and we'll give you the necessary information and time to make that decision.

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